Tour de France 2019

Tour Francia cycling tour

“My overall rating would be 9….(nothing is ever perfect! 😉 The Bike Spain tour was what I expected it to be.

The Bike Spain Tour Team gets 10’s; Luis and Niki were knowledgeable, fun to be with, and always very pleasant and helpful…especially attentive to all the riders in our group….they showed their care for the safety and well-being of our tour and I know that meant a lot to the riders. As the ‘Senior Citizen” of the group they were thoughtful and attentive to my comfort. Pablo, our “Maestro” was unflappable no matter what the circumstance; he managed his team quietly and gracefully and made it ‘all happen’ every day!

Every day was an adventure and a treat….fun group, good food, wonderful routes to follow…wonderful experiences overall! “

Margarete Lavin, USA


Experience the passion, excitement and emotion of this special week of the Tour de France as it makes its way through the French Alps and then down to the Provence.

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