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Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Spain Tours is a travel agency that offers quality bike tours to biking fans of all types – from beginning bikers to more experienced riders. We have years of experience organizing tours throughout Spain and we guarantee that we’ll go the extra mile to give you the best customer service. Come with us, find your trip, prepare yourself with all the necessary information, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


We use high-quality SPECIALIZED (For details, see our bike rental page). All bikes come equipped with a water bottle.

What kind of bikes and equipment are provided on the bike tours?
Bike Spain Tours has a long and solid partnership with the brand Specialized and offers the best cycling fleet in Spain. All our bikes are renovated every year and perfectly fitted at the beginning of the tour by our bike expert.
If you’re looking to take your riding to the next level, our carbon road bikes Specialized Roubaix SL4 is for you.
Looking for a comfortable ride on both paved and unpaved roads? The Sirrus is designed to be the perfect partner for those seeking out fitness and fun.
Needing an extra help to climb that hill? Our Turbo Vado 3.0 has the perfect blend of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life.
All bikes come equipped with comfortable saddle, pedals (flat, cage, mixed, SPD, SPD/SL, Look Keo), repair kit, helmet, lock, water bottle, small handlebar bag, and panniers in case of self-guided bike tours.

Can I bring my own bike?
You can always bring your own bike, but we cannot assume responsibility for the safety or damage to your bike. You also have to ship your own bike to the place where you are cycling. For any help, contact our office in Madrid.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Since 2004, it is mandatory to wear a helmet in Spain for all cyclists outside urban areas. It is not required in urban areas, except for young people under 16’s that need to wear a helmet at all times.

Do you offer GPS on tours?
GPS tracks will be sent before the beginning of the tour, available on the app RidewithGPS and accessible from your mobile phone – with the possibility to download them in order to access without using your data.
To complete our self-guided bike tours, you will also be given a detailed roadbook and maps with all the necessary indications and recommendations. According to the tour chosen, GPS are also available on request.

Difficulty levels

Anyone with a basic level of fitness who enjoys pedalling for four to six hours a day will enjoy our trips. Our routes take place on a combination of secondary (scenic!) roads and well-packed trails. Most cyclists do an average of forty kilometres (25 miles) a day, but there are always opportunities to do more.

Supported tours have full sag van support, so if you’re winded, you can hop in the vehicle and meet the other participants at the end of the day. Self-guided tours usually require more preparation on the participant’s behalf, because some of the routes can be a lot longer.

Level 1 or 2 EASY:
Rides are about 25 – 35 kilometres/15-22 miles per day over relatively flat terrain, secondary roads and/or well-packed paths. Level A tours are the easiest: the days are relatively short, and are perfect for people who want to try their first active vacation.

Rides cover 30-50 kilometres (20-35 miles). These rides generally go on the same kind of terrain as the Level A rides but move at a higher velocity, allowing you to cover more ground. These rides are for cyclists with more experience and more confidence handling themselves on two wheels.

Level 4 or 5 ADVANCED:
Routes can range from 50 to 90 kilometres (30-60 miles) a day over rolling and hilly terrain, on a variety of surfaces. These require a fairly quick pace and participants have the option of going for higher altitude rides, or extending the rides to cover greater distances.

How do the supported tours work?

What is a guided tour?
If you enjoy traveling with a group, meeting new people, and having a guide and structured daily schedule, then a guided group bike tour is probably the best fit for you. Travelling with a guide means having everything taking care of for you: bike adjustments, route details, visits, meals, snacks during the route, a lift in case you are tired… etc.

What are the guides like?
We believe that the best way to know a place is discovering it with the people that love it, who better than a local? All our guides are Spanish and know more than anyone the places they will be proudly making you discover.
Juan, Jorge, Roberto, Luis,…. They are not only guides and good cyclists…they will be also your personal chauffer driving you from one place to another or giving you a lift if some part should be too strenuous, your chef preparing you picnics along the route, your personal coach cheering you up through hardest hills, your mechanic in case bike need to be adjusted o flat tire needs to be fixed, you photograph capturing the best pics of the tour, but more than all of that… a friend with who you will share an amazing experience!

How much should I tip the guides?
Gratuities for your guides are not included in the trip price. As a guideline, the industry standard is 100.00/150.€ per person, per guide. We encourage you to use your discretion and tip according to the caliber of service you receive.

How many people can I expect on my bike tour?
We believe a personalized service can be offered only with reduced groups. Our tours are almost private groups, travelling with 4 to 14 people, offering a guide every 4/6 travellers. The guide and the support van will be at all time looking for you, never far away… while another guide will be cycling with you (for group bigger than 4/6 people), leading the group and cheering you up!

The night before setting out (or at breakfast on the first day), the guide gives participants the necessary information – route plan, maps, and such. You’ll receive more information while the tour is taking place, and you’ll have the chance to check out local places of historical interest, tapas bars – or just those really neat fountains located in most towns.

The sag van accompanies the participants throughout the tour and will stop at predetermined check points so that participants can have a drink or learn a little bit more about the place they’re visiting. Any time you need a break, you simply hop in the van. After stopping for lunch at pleasant restaurants, you can rejoin the other riders or stay in the van until we reach the day’s destination. Afternoons are free, allowing you to visit the cities and the town along the ride. Dinners are optional – you can eat with the group, or go exploring on your own.

Tours take place on secondary roads and well-surfaced back country paths, allowing you to relax, get to know your fellow riders, and enjoy the surroundings.

How do the self-guided tours work?

What is a self-guided tour?
A self-guided bike tour will offer you flexibility and independence and allow you to explore on your own schedule, but still maintaining assistance and support. We will take care of hotel reservations, luggage transportation from hotel to hotel and provide a comprehensive information package with the marked route, a detailed route description and recommended restaurants. We also offer a hotline in case of emergencies or problems.
For some people, group camaraderie is part of what makes traveling fun. If you’re one of those people, a guided bike tour may be the better choice!

How can I reach Bike Spain Tours during my bike tour?
You will be given an emergency number and can reach us for any emergency you may have during the tour.

What kind of support can I expect during the tour?
Be sure to consider your comfort level with navigating a different culture and foreign language, reading maps and signs, ordering food, and dealing with flats or other minor emergencies. Unlike guided bike tours, self-guided bike tours do not have an accompanying support van. This means that it’s your responsibility to get to the next hotel every day. Of course if you do run into trouble, though, call the emergency hotline, and we will help as much as possible, whether sending a van or advising you on public transportation options.

Which services are included in the price of the bike tour?
All our self-guided bike tours include:
 Accommodation in charming and historic 3/4 & 5* hotels – double room occupancy
 Buffet breakfasts
 Detailed road book and maps
 Daily luggage transfers between hotels from beginning to the end (one piece of luggage per person)
 Detailed information documents with regional maps, a day-to-day itinerary plus hotel list and all you’d like know about Spain and the region you go to.
 Unique travel coordinator available to assist you with all of your pre- & post-trip travel plans and arrangements (hotels, restaurants, transport and more…).
 Additionally you will have the option to add the bike you want (electric, touring, road bike), our medical insurance, the bike jersey Bike Spain Tours, any extra such as extra nights, meals or services.

What is included in our guided tours?

The following is included in most of our guided tours:

• Accommodation: we always offer you the best hotels on the spot – charming, authentic and surprising – the most central places in the cities and the most spectacular places in the countryside.
• Meals: all breakfasts, most lunches and dinners including wine (although sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to explore regional cuisine on your own). We literally enter into the kitchen to make sure that everything is taken care of!
• Bikes: state of the art SPECIALIZED touring and road bikes and all the accessories you might need (optional carbon road bikes).
• Bilingual guide(s) to ensure that you always enjoy superior customer service.
• Support vehicle that helps you with a flat tyre, offers you refreshments and snacks when you need them, takes you along on the uphill of end-of-the-day parts and transports your luggage from one place to the other.
• Detailed information document with regional maps, a day-to-day itinerary plus hotel list and all you’d like know about Spain and the region you go to.
• Transportation from rendezvous to final drop-off, from our quaint region to our centrally located meeting place, both for you and your luggage.
• Gratuities: the monetary thank-yous deserving of our drivers, local experts and hospitality staff.
• CD with photos and video to take home as a memory.
• Bike Spain Tours handle bar bag, water bottle, a bag for your helmet or cycling shoes, luggage tags and a custom bike jersey, long zip.
• Bike Center travel coordinator that is available to assist you with all of your pre- & post-trip travel plans and arrangements (hotels, restaurants, transport and more…).
• Travel insurance with medical assistance.

And .. a Spectacular Bike Experience filled with fun and friendship!


What types of accommodations are provided?
We always offer you the best hotels on the spot – charming, authentic and surprising – the most central places in the cities and the most spectacular places in the countryside.

Bike Spain tours offer two kind of lodging options:
• LUXURY HOTELS (on DELUXE bIKE Spain Tours): The best hotels in town. Five-star hotels which offer outstanding customer service. Ask us for this option if you enjoy the best when you travel.
• PREMIERE QUALITY: Well-located three- and four-star hotels, with special charm and top-notch service.

What if I am traveling solo and want my own room? What is a single supplement?
If you are travelling alone, there is always the possibility to have your own room but you have to pay a single supplement.
A single supplement is a fee added to the trip price which secures a private room with no roommate for guests who prefer to have their own room.

What clothing and equipment should I bring?

What do I have to pack?
Please check our packing list for further details. (link with packing list)
We recommend that you bring the following things for your trip:
• Any official documentation, such as an EU identity card or valid passport. (Be sure to keep a photocopy of all documentation in your luggage – just in case.) If you require any prescription medication, it’s handy to have a copy of the prescription, along with the generic name of the drug.
• Cycling gear, such as cycling shoes (or running shoes/trainers) and a helmet.
• Cycling clothing: Cycling gloves (long gloves if you have), a long-sleeve jersey, short-sleeve jersey (lightweight and quick-drying is ideal), cycling shorts and/or cycling tights/pants, and rain gear.
• HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! Although Bike Spain has helmets available for participants’ use, you’re more than welcome to bring your own.
• Travel accessories, such as sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm, camera (and extra batteries) and an electrical adapter/converter (220V) if you’re bringing any appliances or items which need charging
Dress in Spain is casual, and the Spanish generally don’t make a fuss about how people are dressed. You may want to bring something slightly dressier for evenings.
Since luggage space is limited in the sag vehicle, guests are requested to limit their luggage to one suitcase and one bag (or small backpack) per person.

What is the weather like during my tour?
The weather in Spain is different in every region. To check the weather in the region you are cycling, check: http://www.aemet.es/en/portada.
What kind of travel documents do I need?
For travelling to Spain, you need a passport or identification card and (if required) a visa. To check if you need a visa for travelling to Spain, you should contact the closest consulate of Spain to determine if a visa is required.

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes, to travel abroad you always need a medical insurance to cover you if something happens to you. Travel insurance with medical assistance is included during our guided tours and optional with our self-guided tours.


Links with useful information about the places we are going to visit and some trip tips:

Spain’s Tourist Office (international site)

Town Hall of Madrid 
Prado Museum
Queen Sofia Art Center
Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum

Community of Madrid
All Community, El Escorial and Aranjuez

Human Heritage Towns
Toledo, Segovia, Cordoba, Santiago ..

PRACTICAL INFO: Entry requirements and paperwork, Climate, Health care and safety, Money and currency, Time and public holidays, communications and miscellaneous
Information from the official tourist office