BST Club

BST Club

At Bike Spain Tours, we believe Every Moment is a Highlight. From traversing the majesty of the rolling Spanish countryside, to savoring the finest cuisine and richest wines, relaxing in the most luxurious hotels and basking in the satisfying sensations of a successful cycling excursion. For us, however, the real highlight of any of our grand tours is our clients.

We continuously learn and grow from each and every one of our clients and because of this, we have created an exciting new program to let our customers know how much we appreciate their choice to cycle and explore the wonders of Spain with Bike Spain Tours. We are thrilled to announce a new, fantastic opportunity that will open many doors for your future cycling excursions with us: The BST Club! This program will provide you with extensive benefits to make your cycling vacations more enjoyable and more rewarding than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you have taken your first trip with us, you will be enrolled in the BST Club membership program.
  • As a part of our club, you will receive a 10% discount off your next trip with Bike Spain Tours, as well as complimentary accommodation upgrades.

Additionally, if you loved your cycling tour of Spain with Bike Spain Tours as much as we loved traveling with you, refer your friends!

  • For each successful referral to a friend who travels with us, you will receive 100€ as a thank you for helping us show the world what we love to do.
  • And with a 5% discount for your referred friends, it’s never been easier or more rewarding to spread a love of Spain and cycling!

So take an exciting, immersive cycling vacation with us today, and become a member of our club tomorrow – it may just entice you to travel with us again!