Madrid as you’ve never seen it: Rooftops and Bikes

  As diverse as Spain can be, and considering that every city has its own charm, a stop in Madrid should be on your top list while travelling through the Peninsula. Not only for being the Spanish main city and one of the most Cosmopolitan and culturally active cities in Europe, but also for its...
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Ciclosfera magacine writes about Bike Spain Tours

Bike Spain Tours: discovering Spain by bike Camino de Santiago, Costa Brava, Baleares … These are the exclusive cycle tour trips organized by the Spanish company Bike Spain Tours. Every cyclist knows that there is something magical and unmatched by traveling by bike. To feel the wind in your face, to discover places with...
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Andalusia, with the wide valley of the Guadalquivir River and the Sierra Nevada mountains to the south tumbling into the Mediterranean, offers a dynamic and varied landscape perfect for any kind of bicycle tour or cycling vacation. Whether you prefer biking leisurely through the fertile plains of the river or adventure cycling through the mountains and...
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Catalonia’s Mediterranean landscapes make it one of the most rewarding cycle touring destinations in Europe.  Astride the crossroads of Spain and France, Catalonia’s unique blend of language, culture, and gastronomy enhance and flavor the dazzling variety of scenery. Add in amazing wines, delicious cuisine, great beaches and a regional government that’s dedicated to improving facilities for...
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Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, is one of the most acclaimed treks for modern day pilgrims, adventure travelers, and bicycle tourists alike wishing to explore the untouched countryside and experience the rich history hidden in rural Spain. Whether off-road biking the trail itself or bicycling on the smooth and well-maintained Spanish rural road network, the route is...
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