Madrid, Toledo, Segovia

I will never forget the beautiful country side with almond flowers in full bloom and olive trees.

Makiko Horiba, Madrid customized, 2013

The people at Bike Spain Tours are fabulously professional. The highlight of my tour was to meet the lovely people in the villages and having the personal experience.

Debranne Cingari, Madrid customized, 2013

I have told everyone that the Bike Spain tour was the highlight of our trip! I’m not sure if you realize what a memory you created for Tom and me. Now, that’s a gift!”
Beryl Anderson, Madrid July 2012

“Pablo and Carlos, thank you so much for the wonderful tour last week. I learned so much about your country and your traditions. Your tour is very informative, and I especially appreciated the personal attention which you gave to us.”
Sam O’Dell, Madrid guided, October 2010
“Everything was fantastic. Lots of food, great hotels, and good recommendations for the night…all great. I thought it especially appropriate that the cities got bigger and the hotels got nicer each night — it was a welcome surprise when we finally arrived!”
Eve Steiner, Madrid, October 2009

“It was joyous, exhilarating, exciting, varied and interesting. The route, the company, the service and connection with a country through the leisurely speed of cycling was transforming.”
Jai Apfel, Segovia & Toledo, March 2007

“Cycling to and from Pedraza was the two most beautiful days we have experienced on a bike”
Connie McDaniel, Segovia y Toledo, June 2007