Camino Guided Leon. July 2019

Every hotel was excelent! Both from the point of view of lodging as well as gastronomy and location. The best was, without doubt, Parador de Reyes Católicos the last night in Santiago!
The tour deserves a 10! Perfect combination of being assisted and with company, with the possibility of doing a private and more intimate tour.
Just as a suggestion, I would include yoga mats to stretching in the shades when we do stops.
As a nice surprise, our guide Luis was waiting for us when we reached Santiago, and shot a short video of the moment. We wouldn´t have this footage if he wouldn´t have taken the time to go ahead and record it. We coulnd´t image how relevant this precise moment was for us in the tour. It was his motivation and we are really grateful for that.


Paula González, Buenos Aires. Argentina

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