Basque Country guided tour. June 2019

Basque bike tour

” Guide- 10. Never have I had a guide that CARED as much about the quality of care as from Juan. Hotels are restaurants were also good. At Lekeitio and the two(2) restaurants we ate there ( at insistence of guide) were 2 of the best ever. He also recommended a small cocktail place on the square ( we would have missed it) that mixed cocktails to match (including ingredients) any anywhere. Also, the computer generated map was very helpful”

Richard Peel, Arkansas. United States

Basque Country guided bike tour is an beautiful way to enjoy this region through its overwhelming nature: its fishing villages, cliffs and beaches. It wasn´t for nothing that the popular TV show Game of Thrones have chosen Zumaia as the perfect dramatic spot to shot “Dragonstone”.

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