Andalusia Self-Guided. May 2019

Bobadilla hotel andalucia bike tour

“The hotels and routes were excellent. I would suggest adding in the routes interesting sightseeing points and suggestions of places to stop for lunch. buy water or even visit a bodega or olive oil molino.
I loved Bobadilla! It was my favorite. It was also very nice to end in Finca Cortesin. Reina Victoria has a perfect location in Ronda, easy for sightseeing and to access the restaurants.
Having made it from Ronda to Finca Cortesin was a great feat for us, and we are very proud to be able to have accomplished it. I loved the smells in the routes around Bobadilla, there is some wild yellow flower that had a vanilla-like perfume that was delicious, aside from the Olive oil pressing mills we biked around. Ronda is spectacular, I am glad we took an afternoon off just to walk around the city. What we enjoyed the most was the change in scenarios between the regions, it never got boring”

Tatiana Botelho, Rio de Janeiro. Brazil