Catalonia’s Mediterranean landscapes make it one of the most rewarding cycle touring destinations in Europe. 

Astride the crossroads of Spain and France, Catalonia’s unique blend of language, culture, and gastronomy enhance and flavor the dazzling variety of scenery. Add in amazing wines, delicious cuisine, great beaches and a regional government that’s dedicated to improving facilities for cyclists of all kinds. Our self-guided bike tours offer the finest hotels and the most memorable dining experiences enrich and reward the cyclist beyond the majestic beauty of a day’s bicycling. Our first self-guided bike trip allows you to follow the steps of some of the pro cyclists that live and train in Girona, a challenging biking adventure for those who like to challenge themselves, riding along the rolling roads and undulating coast. Our third self-guided cycling vacation meanders between the pastoral countryside and along the coast of l’Emporda, emphasizing the best of the coast.

The bicycle trip combines a dramatic, rocky coastline, a soft countryside and a rural atmosphere. This allows a perfect combination of bike and beach holiday.

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