Andalusia, with the wide valley of the Guadalquivir River and the Sierra Nevada mountains to the south tumbling into the Mediterranean, offers a dynamic and varied landscape perfect for any kind of bicycle tour or cycling vacation. Whether you prefer biking leisurely through the fertile plains of the river or adventure cycling through the mountains and along the craggy shores, sunny Andalusia is for you! Historically the seat of Islamic power in Iberia, Andalusia has always had its own special character. Beautiful cities like Seville, Cordoba and Granada blossom in the beautiful countryside, perfect for bicycling with its white villages and their flowered balconies. And don’t forget about the delicious olive oil, the regional wines and, last but not least, flamenco! You’ll find it all on one of our tours.

Whether on a self-guided bike trip or with one of our professional, knowledgeable guides and our modern support vehicles, top-notch accommodation and history as flavorful as the food are a perfect reward after the beauty of a day’s ride. Experience the full cultural, historical and panoramic splendor of Andalusia on our Deluxe tour: the Phonecian port city of Cádiz, the Alhambra looming over Granada, the solemn peace of the Grand Mosque in Córdoba, the lively streets of Sevilla, and all points in between.

The wine tour: Riding through rolling hillside vineyards, wines, and sherries by day, sangria and flamenco by night, this trip is a gourmet cycling dream.

The self-guided tour takes the independent cycle tourist through some of Andalusia’s most stunning regions. Our bike trip planner follows the route favored by the Arab Caliphates during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, with top notch lodgings every step of the way.

Andalusia Bike Tours