about us

This company was born from a passion of cycling. And it was a passionate team that made it grow. At Bike Spain Tours we are an enthusiastic, well travelled group of individuals dedicated to providing unforgettable journeys, we believe in what we do, and we understand people. It is our foremost objective to ensure that you don’t just cycle through the ever changing landscape of Spain, but that you engage in the rich culture of the country, that you feel the magic from the moment you arrive.

For the past 30 years, cycling has been my passion and today it continues to be one of my great satisfactions in life. I started to cycle competitively at a young age and then left the life of racing to study and establish a career. I combined my business, marketing and communication studies with my love of the bike to create Bike Spain Tours, dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences to cyclists from all over the world.

I have always loved the excitement of travel, being enriched by the history, and stumbling across hidden places. And there is no better way to intimately discover a place than by cycling through it; taking it slow, savouring the moment. At Bike Spain Tours we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect cycling experience, whether it is rolling amongst the white washed houses of the Andalusia region, stopping to taste the grapes in La Rioja or embarking on an unforgettable pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

We have a highly experienced international team, strong alliances with various companies within the cycling world and the knowledge to guarantee you an unforgettable journey. One of the toughest challenges in this business is finding the best suppliers and companies to ensure you are attended by the best hands. Over the years, we have continually strengthened our ties with our guides, hotels, restaurants, mechanics, and the long list of companies that we work with to provide you with our wide array of services and the top-notch service that we all wish to have.

I have to say that one of the most rewarding aspects is the amount of adults that have learned to ride a bike with us, as well as the children that greatly thank us for their beginning steps and their continual advances. 
We use a sustainable form of transportation and enjoy the natural resources as well as the rich art and history legacies that we are lucky enough to find in Spain and throughout Europe; however the most enjoyable part about biking is the cyclists like yourself.

We look forward to travelling with you and hope you have found what you are looking for through our website. If not, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Happy cycling,

Pablo Muñoz
Managing Director



Manuel Duque – Technical director

Manuel is a real “bike freak”. He doesn’t see cycling as his job; he sees it as his hobby and enjoys it in his spare time. He owns roughly 7 bikes and in the weekends he rides along with amateur groups. Manuel maintains the bicycles in the workshop and is responsible for the bicycles, their state of delivery and their destination. He works with us for four years now and is a great part of our team.


Paula Gonzalez – Administrative assistant and Reservation manager (Austria, France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal)
Paula has only ridden a bicycle as a child, but was always racing against her brothers and friends. Though she never won any races then, she enjoyed (and still does) the sensation of speed. She came to Bike Spain in May 2011 by the hand of chance and friendship and is busy working on making her place in the company as an Administrative assistant and Reservation manager. Also, from last February, she be going to work by cycle nearly every days!


Tamara Corcho Maters
Sales manager (Spain, The Netherlands, Croatia and Germany)

Tamara ends her school in the Netherlands where she graduate in Media & Entertainment Management at the University inHolland in Rotterdam. She has worked at the regional television of Rotterdam (RTV Rijmond) as a producer and on the sales department at a big national company in The Hague. In 2010 she decided to move to Madrid where she began to work as a VIP agent of a big Spanish hotel chain. Since the beginning of 2012 she works for Bike Spain Tours where she is in charge of the tours in Spain, the Netherlands and Croacia. As she has grown up in the Netherlands she already was used to ride her bicycle every day, and now she confronts the big hills and mountains of Spain with a big smile on her face!.


Juan Sigler
Senior guide

Born in Madrid I was training olimpic kayaking since I was a kid and white water guide later on before focusing on the bike. After finished my studies for physiotherapist, I moved to Britain to improve my english and study for photographer at Victoria School. Becoming a Londoner for a while I was working as a bike messenger to help me to pay my studies.
In England I also became a Padi Divemaster, title that helped me to travel around the world. I was guiding aventures in Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Morocco and Argentina.
During the last ten years I’ve been guiding bike routes in Madrid and all over my country . We also took people to international destinations like The Camino, Alps , Slovenia, Germany, Morocco…